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.com/facebook. >>> the tax bill in baltimore and want businesses are getting a big hit this their property tax bills. remediation fee or the rain tax is hitting businesses especially hard. sherrie johnson is here with more to explain. i understand some of these business owners are pretty hot. >> that's exactly right. the wastewater remediation fee, with new tax bills out last week businesses have seen the impact of the rain tax. with homes paying anywhere from 21 to $40 more. one business owner is paying $30,000 for 30 commercial properties. the assessments were based on aerial photography with accuracy down to a tenth of a foot. the goal is to help keep pollution out of the bay. business owners say they're carrying the burden. >> the products and services that those businesses are providing and the consumer is going to just pay more for their products. >> there's an effort underway to repeal the rain tax. and they plan to do some active campaigning to to get lawmakers to repeal the tax next legislative session. >> another recall this morning chrysler auto makers are recalling half a million vehicle
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1